The Barf Diet
Bones And Raw Food
Biologically Appropriate Raw Food
A NATURAL & HEALTHY way to feed dogs

We feed and recommend a Barf Diet for Dalmatians
Here's Why

A Few Definitions -

  • Home Cooking – Refers to making dog food rather than using a commercial diet.  Ingredients may be raw or cooked.  Generally includes meat, eggs, grain, vegetables and possibly dairy and/or supplements.  Dr. Pitcairn’s would be an example of a home-made cooked diet made from fresh ingredients.  Sojourner Farms is a grain mix to used as a base with meat and/or veggies added.  Essex Cottage Farms is a mix that needs the addition of meat, veggies and oil.

  • Raw – A diet which generally includes meat, eggs, grain, vegetables and possibly dairy and/or supplements.  Many raw diets do not include bone, but the term could also refer to a Barf diet.  A raw diet which does not include bones is supplemented with calcium in the form of bone meal or ground egg shell.  Volhaard’s diet is a complex recipe that uses these raw ingredients while  Pat McKay’s diet is much more flexible.

  • BARF – A diet based on raw meaty bones (rmbs) and vegetables.  May include eggs, grains, fruit, dairy and/or supplements.  Billinghurst’s diet is the most commonly used and the one most people think of when they hear the term Barf.  Kymythy Schultze’s “Ultimate Diet” is similar but has no grain or dairy.  Dr. Tom Lonsdale’s "raw meaty bones" diet is basically just that with a small amount of extras, which may even be table scraps.

Barf diets are Raw, but Raw diets are not necessarily Barf.


BARF Resources Before you begin to feed your dog(s) a raw diet, it's important that you understand the concepts involved. Check out my links to websites, buy some of the Barf books, and talk to experienced Barfers. Dr. Billinghurst's "Give Your Dog A Bone" is the "bible", but Kymythy Schultze's "Natural Nutrition for Dogs & Cats - The Ultimate Diet" is less expensive and easier to follow. The new book "Switching to Raw" is excellent - I recently received my copy and was most impressed.

Recipes - Barf & No Bones

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