Burgie going Best Senior in Futurity

"Burgie "
Ch. Paisleys Special Export
Am/Br Ch. Vicor of the Ebony Spots CD (L) Vicor ex Paisley Betsy Ross

Pictured in 1983.

Burgie was a very Special dog and one of my all-time favorites. He was the Burger King of our "fast food litter" which included McDonald, Arby, White Castle, etc. His littermates included Bambi Ch. Paisleys Moonlight Fantasia Am/Can CD (L) & Dorie Ch. Paisleys Isadorable (L). Burgie did very well as a Special during his short show career, but preferred being a Couch Potato. He was the most like his sire Vicor for personality, and I still miss them both!

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