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This page contains additional pictures of the colors shown on the first color page. Please refer to the first color page for explanations and discussions of Dalmatian colors.

The Color Pages
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Face of a black/tan tri Face of a black/tan tri

Front shot of a black/tan tri Back legs of a black/tan tri
Black Tri-Color
This black & tan tri-color Dalmatian is an excellent example of where the tan markings are located on a real tri.

A liver & tan tri Another liver & tan tri
Liver Tri-Color
These liver & tan tri-colored Dals are also traditionally marked. Note the pale tan markings on her lower legs and chest area of the first dog and the brighter tan markings on the lower legs of the second dog. The tri pattern is generally not as obvious on a liver Dal, and the shade of tan varies from dog to dog. Click here to see a larger version of the first picture and here for a larger version of the second picture.

For additional information on color genetics. check out this site. It's very interesting and complete.

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