Paisley Dalmatians presents

Guiness finishing his Canadian CD

Paisleys Brown Stout One Am/Can CD, CGC (L)
Am/Can Ch. Paisleys Pointblank CD/CGC (L) "Morris" ex Am/Can Ch. Paisleys Cause Celebre CD/CGC "Marla"
Breeders - Sue MacMillan & Ron Rajala
Owners - Tim & Sandra Kopet

Guiness was the Kopets first Dalmatian. He's a serious dignified gentleman, and just can't understand the juvenile behavior of the other Dals. Guiness is quite sure things would be better if he was the only Dal and didn't have to share couch time!

Tim & Guiness finished their Canadian CD in three straight shows the weekend of the National in 2000. A month later they earned their American CD as well. Nice going, guys!

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