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What's a Paisley Dalmatian?
Paisley is our kennel name, used to identify Dals of our breeding.
Think of it as a trademark.

We've been breeding, showing & enjoying Dalmatians for over 40 years, and we're proud to introduce you to some of our dogs. You'll meet promising youngsters, current winners, top producers and performance dogs, as well as famous dogs from our past. We've also included pedigrees, useful articles, links to dogs, other breeders, clubs and general information.

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Dalmatians Are Such Fun!

Although the dogs we keep are show dogs, they are also beloved family pets and companions.

Our litters are planned with the goal of producing show potential puppies, but with the knowledge that most of our puppies will live in homes as companions (and most show dogs are companions as well). For this reason, good temperament comes first, along with good health. Our dogs all have their CHIC numbers, indicating that all appropriate health testing has been completed.

Argus is a multi-Best In Show winner.

Argus went Best Of Breed at the 2008 National!
Argus was ranked among the Top Ten Dalmatians in the US for three consecutive years, from 2008 through 2010, earning over 100 Bests Of Breed and many Group wins and placements. Argus was awarded Best Of Breed over an entry of 366 Dalmatians. He has won 10 other Dalmatian Specialties, as well as an Awards Of Merit at three consecutive Nationals, from 2009 through 2011. He also won the Stud Dog Class for those three years!

Dal pups are incredibly cute. Show Potential Puppies both blacks & livers, occasionally available to qualified homes.
Performance Puppies are carefully evaluated for soundness, willingness and attitude.
Pet/Companion Puppies with wonderful dispositions, always sold on spay/neuter contracts.
All Puppies properly raised, fully socialized, honestly evaluated, health-checked, BAER tested & carefully placed. Sold with a comprehensive contract as well as a "Lifetime Service Contract" - we're here to help and to answer your questions.
All Sires & Dams have completed their health testing, earned their CHIC #s and can be found in the OFA database.

Rescue Information
Illinois Dal Rescue Second Chance

BARF? also known as a "Raw Diet"
What's the Barf Diet and why is everyone talking about it?
Bones And Raw Food OR Biologically Appropriate Raw Food
A NATURAL & HEALTHY way to feed dogs

We have been feeding a raw natural diet for over 10 years.
Here's Why our dogs no longer eat commercial dog food

New Pictures and Pages

For The Record
    Over 150 Am. Chs, many of them livers, many with obedience titles - I've stopped counting!
    Numerous Group winners, Am, Can, UKC, Int. and S.A. Best In Show winners.
    Many Specialty Bests of Breed, DCA Best of Breed, and numerous DCA Award Of Merit winners.
    9 of our males have produced between 10 to 60 champions - 1 ROMX, 8 ROMs
    13 of our bitches have produced from 5 to 15 champions - 6 ROMs, 7 ROMs.
    The #1 Group & Best In Show liver male in breed history.
    Many advanced performance titles including OTCH, MACH, UDX, UDTX, and RD (Road Dog).
    Fire Safety Education dogs, Certified Therapy Dogs, and drug detection dogs.
    And many beloved companions!
Our Dals appear in pedigrees of winners & producers from coast to coast

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*Colors and Coats Brindle, Tri, Lemon, Blue, Longhair too!
*Understanding Black & Liver - Basic Color Inheritance
*Just For Liver Lovers *The Patch Page

Wendel and Marla

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