Indy Blue's Page

Indy is a blue-spotted Dalmatian puppy.

Although mentioned occasionally in historical texts, blue spotting is very uncommon. Indy was rescued from a BYB in Indiana, and now lives with a family of her own in Illinois. She has dark blue gray spotting, a dark gray nose and eyerims, and blue-gray eyes. Although lightly spotted, the color is very obvious on her ear patch.

Indy had a liver father and a black mother, and littermates that were black or liver. It is likely that a blue Dalmatian is blue for the same reason that blue Danes and Dobes exist, and is the result of the gene for "dilution" acting on the genes that would normally make Indy a black spotted Dalmatian.

Indy update: Indy was very thin and under-nourished when rescued, but managed to fight off a case of parvo, as well as coccidia, and a bladder infection. She lives with Karen & Barry Moore and is thriving under their good care. Despite an unfortunate start, Indy is growing well now, gaining weight and is learning basic commands. She's affectionate, playful and much loved. New pictures soon!

Indy Update!

Indy is now 8 months old and she's doing fine. She's registered as black, because the only options on the registration form are black or liver brown. Since Indy is not an acceptable color, and is not breeding quality, she'll soon be spayed.

Indy is thriving in her home with the Moores. She's lost the boney look, and her spots are more sharply defined. But she's still blue and her eyes are still gray.

September 2000 - Indy and all grown up now, and a beloved member of the Moore household. She and her family have moved to Florida, where Indy's favorite activities are digging in the sand and chasing lizards!

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