Ch. Paisleys Perfect Timing UDX/NA/NAJ/OA "Flag"
    U-CDX Paisleys Phantasy Phlite UDTX/NA/NAJ/OAJ "Kashka"
    Stella By Starlight Am UDX/Can CDX "Stella"
    Ch. Paisleys Return Engagement UD/OA/OAJ/AX/AXJ "Fame"
    Ch. Paisleys Piece of the Action CDX (L) "Carmen"
    Am/Can Ch. Paisley Peterbilt Am/Can CDX, TT "Jocko"
    Ch. Paisleys N Tucks Easy To Spot Am CDX/Can CD (L) "Frank"
    Paisleys Pride of Hollywood Am UD/Can CD "Marilyn"
    Ch. Blackpool Red Nora CDX (L) "Cricket"
    Ch. Paisleys Five Card Stud CDX/Can CD "Toby"
    Paisleys Nessa Quendy CDX (L) "Quendy"
    Paisleys A Touch of Whimsey CDX "Whimsey"
    Ch. Paisley Matrix Rolling Stone CDX/Can CD/TDI "Jagger"
    Ch. Paisley Poppycock CDX/TDX/TDI "Poppy"
    Paisley N Tucks Four O Three Can UD/Am CD (L) "Seven"
    Paisleys Back In Black CGC/TDI/CDX "Journey"
    Ch. Paisleys Rockin' Robyn CDX/TD (L) "Robyn"

    Ch. Melody Up Up and Away CD (L) "Pooka"
    Ch. Paisleys Oh Henry CD (L) "Henry"
    Ch. Paisleys Rally At Starrdust CD (L) "Rally"
    Ch. Paisleys Pandora CD "Panda"
    Ch. Paisleys A Change of Pace CD "Murphy"
    Ch. Paisley Star of Kirkland CD (L) "Stripe"
    Ch. Paisley Harmony Bouquet CD (L) "Butter"
    Ch. Paisleys A Touch of Class CD "Cary"
    Ch. Paisley of Proctor CD "Paisley Berg"
    Ch. Paisleys Natural Healer CD (L) "Burdock"
    Ch. Paisleys Perfectly Frank CD (L) "Frank"
    Ch. Paisleys Perfectly Preppie CD "Preppie"
    Snowood Dancer of Paisley CD (L) "Dixie"
    Am/Can Ch. Paisleys Lady Hamilton CD "Lady"
    Ch. Paisleys Indian Summer CD (L) "Onions"
    Ch. Paisleys Double Eagle CD (L) "Zinger"
    Am/Can Ch. Paisley N Tucks A. Hitchcock CD "Psyche"
    Am/Br Ch. Vicor of the Ebony Spots CD (L) "Vicor"
    Ch. Paisleys Moonlight Fantasia Am/Can CD (L) "Bambi"
    Ch. Paisley Croatia Alfa Centauri CD "Alf"
    Ch. Paisleys First Things First CD (L) "Snickers"
    Ch. Daisydot Purrfect For Paisley CD/TD/TDI "Kitty"
    Paisley Virgo One and Only Am/Can CD "Ono"
    Willowoods Paisley Amera Am/Can CD "Jade"
    Paisleys Peachy Keen CD (L) "Peaches"
    Ch. Paisleys Prime Time TD (L) "Carson"
    Am/Can Ch. Paisleys Fourrunner Foray Am/Can CD (L) "Lucy"
    Paisleys St. Pauli Girl CD "Pauli"
    Am/Can Ch. Long Last Perfect For Paisley CD "Robert"
    Am/Can Ch. Paisleys Pointblank CD/CGC "Morris"
    Am/Can Ch. Paisleys Cause Celebre CD/CGC "Marla"
    Ch. Paisley Patch Mt. Amazing Grace Am/Can CD/NA/RD "Gracie"
    Vintage and Paisley Valor CD/NA/TDI (L) "Newton"
    Am/Can Ch. Paisleys Roll Me A Seven RD/TDI/CGC (L) "Reno"
    Paisleys Brown Stout One Am/Can CD (L) "Guiness"
    Paisleys Comanche Chief TD (L) "Quanah"
    Ch. M & M's Sargeant of the Guards CD/NA/NAJ "Sarge"
    Paisleys Hearts Afire CD/TD "Pierce"

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