Ch. Paisleys Five Card Stud CDX/Can CD "Toby" Ch. Bob Dylan Thomas of Watseka CD "Dylan" Ch. Panore of Watseka
Newsprnt Nu U of Watseka
Ch. Melody Up Up and Away CD (L) "Pooka" Ch. Melody Dynamatic (L)
Calculators Miss Sincerity
Am/Can Ch. Melody Bobby McGee Am/Can CD (L) "Gremlin" Ch. Doubletrees Break in the Rein (L) Ch. Pennydale Pal Joey (L)
Ch. Huntingtons Autumn Dawn CDX (L)
Ch. Melody Sweet CD "Sweet" Ch. Long Last Ripcord
Calculators Miss Sincerity

Pedigree of Am/Br/Int/NAC Paisley Torch of Kirkland (L) "Torch"

This combination of titles is shown in several difference formats, but includes Championships in the U.S., various South American countries and an FCI title.