Why Not Consider An Adult Dalmatian?

Sometimes an adult dog is a better option than acquiring a new puppy. If you've already raised a pup, perhaps you want the pleasure of another Dal without going through all the puppy things. Or perhaps your schedule would make it difficult to add a puppy to the family. If given sufficient time and attention, adult Dals generally adapt quickly to new homes. We do not currently have any adult dogs to place, but will be glad to help you find a dog. There are several possible options if you are interested in an adult.
    Show people (Dal exhibitors) often have retired show dogs looking for retirement homes, or youngsters they kept to show that didn't quite make the grade. Some dogs do well as part of a group, while others do better in homes of their own, and are available for that reason alone. Such dogs are generally trained, may have excellent manners and make marvelous companions. I'll be glad to refer you to friends that may have such dogs available.

    You might also consider a Rescue Dal. Because of the popularity boom a few years back, many Dalmatians were purchased on a whim, by people who were not prepared to own a Dal (or any other breed, for that matter). Many of these unwanted Dals were "dumped" by owners who did not understand that dogs are not disposable. Some of the dogs had health or temperament problems caused by bad breeding, poor rearing or lack of proper socialization and training, but the vast majority of these dogs were absolutely fine and would have been satisfactory companions. All they needed were a loving owners, some time and attention, and perhaps some training.

Check my Information page for the links to Dalmatian Rescue contacts.

If the Dal you want to rescue lives elsewhere, transportation can often be arranged. The Dal Rescue people are a dedicated group who will do everything possible to get the right dogs in the right homes.

Many Dalmatians were euthanized in the 1980s and 1990s. During the popularity boom, due in part to the Disney movies, many Dals were bred by unscrupulous and/or uncaring people. They were considered a big "cash crop" by commercial breeders (puppy mills). Many were purchased by owners who were not prepared to raise the dogs properly. Some of these dogs grew up to have problems, which the media blew out of proportion. Happy well-behaved pet Dals don't make good stories, but problem dogs do.

If you own a pet Dalmatian, have it spayed or neutered, and enjoy it as a companion. Please don't add to the heartbreaking problem of unwanted Dalmatians. If you have raised a litter of Dalmatians, it is your responsibility to take back any pups that come unplaced and find new homes for them. ALL pet quality pups should be sold with spay/neuter agreements and all rescue dogs should be handled the same way.