Ch. Paisley Matrix Rolling Stone CDX/Can CD TDI
Ch. Paisleys Hail to the Victors Victor ex Ch. Matrix Paisley Fanfare Gypsy
Breeders - Virgil & Mary Ann Johnson
Owner - Pam Fisher (Rockstar Dals)

Jagger isn't really orange - he's a normal black spotted Dalmatian, but this is one of Pam's favorite pictures of Jagger-the-model! Obedience trained Dalmatians often do well as models because they are able to perform dispite the distractions that go with the modeling jobs.

Jagger went to Pam as an obedience prospect, and like so many others before her, Pam got hooked on the breed ring too. You can visit her and Jagger at Rockstar Dals

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