Robert's Champion Offspring

CH Long Last Perfect For Paisley CD "Robert"

Reg #: NT392032 Breed/Variety: Dalmatian
Birth Date: 05/14/1988 Sex: Male
Name Reg Number Date of Birth Gender
Dam Name: CH Paisley Polyester "Polly" NS857812 11/27/1983

Paisleys St Pauli Girl CD "Pauli"
NT654071 12/30/1989 Female
Dam Name: CH Korcula Midnight Mistress "Sissy" NS880002 10/16/1983

CH Korcula Midnight Jazz "Dexter"
NM273670/05 02/24/1991 Male
CH Korcula Midnight Hour "Tony"
NM273670/06 02/24/1991 Male
CH Korcula Midnight Max Of M And M UDX NA "Max"
NM273670/07 02/24/1991 Male
CH Korcula Midnight Caitlyn "Cait"
NM341823/01 03/05/1992 Female
CH Korcula Firebstrs Tis A Gift
NM341823/02 03/05/1992 Female
CH Korcula Midnight Lyondal Roze "Roze"
NM341823/04 03/05/1992 Female
CH Korcula Midnight Dream Bret D
NM341823/06 03/05/1992 Male
Dam Name: CH Snowood Ja Samjedan (L) "Jedan" NS895865 03/03/1984

CH Snowood Mercedes "Mercedes"
NM273388/02 03/28/1991 Female
Dam Name: CH Hopi Kachina Soyoko (L) "Vel" NS903320 03/09/1984

CH Hopi Kachina Spirit Song "Jazz"
NM181984/01 11/11/1989 Female
CH Hopi Kachina Horo-Mana "Dancer"
NT620979 11/11/1989 Female
CH Hopi Kachina Kopon "Emmett"
NT620980 11/11/1989 Male
Dam Name: CH Fiacre's Hot Toddy CD (L) "Toddy" NS974060 10/16/1984

CH Fiacre's First Alert (L) "Molly"
NT631570 12/12/1989 Female
Dam Name: CH Melody Wild Mountain Honey CD (L) NT013286 06/04/1985

CH Cimarron Peachblossom Honey OA OAJ "Georgia"
NM461061/02 12/04/1992 Female
CH Cimarron Wild Mountain Sage (L) "Sage"
NM461061/03 12/04/1992 Male
CH Cimarron Snow On The Mountain
NM461061/04 12/04/1992 Female
Dam Name: CH Daisydot Daphne Of Dalwood "Tres" NT095231 03/30/1986

CH Daisydot Purrfect For Paisly CD TD "Kitty"
NT651498 02/05/1990 Female
CH Daisydot Swanee Liver (L) "Swanee"
NT660609 02/05/1990 Female
CH Daisydot Blackberry
NT663005 02/05/1990 Male
Dam Name: CH Paisleys Spoon River Snafu "Roxie" NT254714 05/28/1987

CH Paisleys Red Rover Forever (L) "Rover"
NM248366/01 11/10/1990 Male
CH Dalmanors Indicia O Paisley "Indi"
NT620469 11/22/1989 Female
CH Sugarfoot Paisleys Hot Ashes "Ashley"
NT620692 11/22/1989 Female
Dam Name: Paisleys Peachy Keen CD "Peaches" NT275555 08/06/1987

CH Paisley That's The Spirit "Gonzo"
NM248082/01 10/09/1990 Male
CH Paisleys Perfect Prodigy "Rip"
NM248082/04 10/09/1990 Male
CH Paisleys Fourunner Foray CD (L) "Lucy"
NM248082/05 10/09/1990 Female
CH Paisley's Princess Perdita "Perdie"
NM323379/01 10/31/1991 Female
CH Paisley Poppycock CDX TD "Poppy"
NT543010 05/12/1989 Female
CH Paisleys Applejack Flash "Apple Jack"
NT545628 05/12/1989 Male
CH Paisley's Hail To The Victors (L) "Victor"
NT580854 05/12/1989 Male
Dam Name: CH Matrix Paisley Fanfare "Gypsy" NT293041 09/23/1987

CH Matrix Paisley Gypsy-Rose "Rose"
NM333029/01 02/14/1992 Female
Dam Name: CH Trilogys Shining STR Bret D "Kelly" NT361288 10/25/1987

CH Windemerehs Kenworth SPBD "Kenny"
NT685128 08/09/1989 Male
Dam Name: CH Rambler's Lady Sarah Jane "Sarah" NT382816 05/15/1988

CH Westen's Paisley Pacesetter "Paxten"
NM468948/07 02/22/1993 Male
CH Runabout's Full Of Zest
NM468948/08 02/22/1993 Female
CH Runabout Long Last Lotto
NM468948/10 02/22/1993 Male
Dam Name: CH Bearded Oaks Astras Lyra CD NA "Lyra" NT410531 07/11/1988

Bearded Oaks Astra's Sarek CD
NM447449/01 11/07/1992 Male
Dam Name: CH Volunteer Fireman Discovery "Covey" NT435251 09/28/1988

CH Volunteer Paisley Perfecta "Lexie"
NM440426/01 10/01/1992 Female
Dam Name: MT Bryton's Jaunty Chelsea "Chelsea" NT460675 09/24/1988

CH MT Bryton Night In White Satin
NM492185/04 06/19/1993 Female
CH MT Bryton's Spielberg
NM563306/01 06/30/1994 Male
Dam Name: Beaver Valleys Jas Z Jane (L) NT518091 03/15/1988

CH Annle N Belrine Silver Fox (L)
NM272426/07 02/10/1991 Male
Dam Name: CH Paisley N Tucks Eureka (L) "Eloise" NT531493 01/01/1989

CH Paisleys Cause Celebre CD "Marla"
NM263104/01 01/24/1991 Female
CH Paisley's Prima Donna (L) "Karla"
NM263104/05 01/24/1991 Female
CH Paisleys Pursuing Perfection "Samson"
NM263104/06 01/24/1991 Male
CH Avalon Taylormade By Paisley (L) "Taylor"
NM263104/07 01/24/1991 Male
CH Paisleys Pointblank CD (L)
NM398588/01 04/12/1992 Male
CH Kmaxs Paisley Northern Xposure "Winston"
NM398588/04 04/12/1992 Male
CH Paisley Paradigm (L) "Salem"
NM398588/05 04/12/1992 Female
CH Coachman's Choice Of Paisley (L) "Cappy"
NM485797/05 05/31/1993 Female
Dam Name: CH Erin's Tequila Sunrise "Margo" NT601152 11/15/1989

CH Acorn Erin At Paisley "Erin"
NM535782/05 02/13/1994 Female
Dam Name: CH Esquire's Layla Neu Of Croatia "Layla" NT605480 05/27/1989

Neu's Sweet Pea Of Croatia CD
NM291773/01 07/05/1991 Female
CH Heartland's Romeo Of Croatia "Romeo"
NM291773/02 07/05/1991 Male
Dam Name: CH Madurhason's The Heiress "Dorothy" NT651600 01/29/1990

CH Dakota Madurhason Ariel "Violet"
NM549868/01 05/09/1994 Female
CH Dakota Madurhason Andromeda (L) "Sally Brown"
NM549868/02 05/09/1994 Female
CH Dakota Madurhason's Premier "Tess"
NM549868/03 05/09/1994 Female
Dam Name: CH Paisley N Snowood Sally Forth "Sally Forth" NT671369 04/08/1990

CH Paisley Perfect Timing UDX NA NAJ "Flag"
NM305621/09 09/22/1991 Female
Dam Name: CH Swood-Paisly-Cyncar Me Special "Dolly" NT675836 04/08/1990

CH Cyncars Whiz Kid Of Croatia "Whiz"
NM336099/02 02/29/1992 Male
CH Cyncar 'Lil Bit Of Croatia "Bitsy"
NM336099/05 02/29/1992 Female
CH Cyncar Miss Molly Of Croatia "Molly"
NM336099/06 02/29/1992 Female
CH Snowood-Cyncar Ami Of Croatia "Ami"
NM336099/07 02/29/1992 Female
CH Snowood's Truth Or Dare "Toots"
NM465022/01 02/07/1993 Female
CH Dalena Snowood Ina Heartbeat "Hunter"
NM465022/02 02/07/1993 Male
Dam Name: Rambler Amazing Grace CD "Rhiannon" NT691996 06/01/1990

CH Literati Show Biz Wiz
NM529522/01 01/03/1994 Female
CH Ramblr Literati Jewel Obrogn
NM529522/02 01/03/1994 Female
Number of Litters: 49
Number of Dogs: 255
Number of Dogs with Titles: 63