Three livers - Morris, Coral and Auburn

Liver, of course, is "the other" color for Dals. While less common than black, it is by no means rare and is an increasingly popular color. A well marked liver Dal is absolutely stunning. Liver in Dals is the same color as liver in Springers, chocolate in Labs and red in Dobes or Aussies. Three of the first four Paisley-owned champion Dals were livers, and we've always enjoyed our "brownies".

For information on color inheritance, and pictures of the other colors found Dals, check out our Color Page.

Liver Paisley Champions
  1. Ch. Blackpool Red Nora CDX "Cricket" F (Olaf/Blarney)
  2. Ch. Melody Up Up & Away CD "Pooka" F (Johnny/Sindy)
  3. Am/Can Ch. Melody Bobby McGee Am/Can CD "Gremlin" F (Sweet dau.)
  4. Ch. Paisleys Oh Henry CD "Henry" M (Brass/Pooka)
  5. Ch. Paisleys Rally At Starrdust CD "Rally" M (Brass/Pooka)
  6. Ch. Wag'N Mates Chocolate Paisley "Rusty" M (Brass/Pooka)
  7. Ch. Coachmans Paisley Candybar "Hershey" F (Brass/Pooka)
  8. Ch. Paisleys Harmony Bouquet CD "Butter" F (Ko/Pooka)
  9. Ch. Paisleys Cottondale Charisma "Magic" F (Torch/Pooka)
  10. Ch. Paisleys Indian Summer CD "Onions" F (Chipper/Cary)
  11. Ch. Paisleys Double Eagle CD "Zinger" M (Dan/Cary)
  12. Ch. Paisleys Good As Gold "Boomer" M (Dan/Cary)
  13. Am/Br Ch. Paisleys Lady of Lasal "Millie" F (Tucker/Grem)
  14. Am/Br/Int/NAC Paisley Torch of Kirkland "Torch" M (Toby/Grem)
  15. Ch. Paisleys Star Of Kirkland "Stripe" F (Toby/Grem)
  16. Am/Br.Ch Vicor of the Ebony Spots CD "Vicor" M (Torch/Gypsy)
  17. Ch. Paisley Spirit O Hopi Kachina "Trivia" F (Torch/Tori)
  18. Ch. Paisleys First Things First CD "Snickers" F (Henry/Trivia)
  19. Ch. Paisleys Perfectly Frank "Frank" M (Pirate/Trivia)
  20. Ch. Paisleys Natural Healer CD "Burdock" M (Pirate/Trivia)
  21. Ch. Paisleys Moonlight Fantasia Am/Can CD "Bambi" F (Vicor/Betsy)
  22. Ch. Paisleys Isadorable "Dorie" F (Vicor/Betsy)
  23. Ch. Paisleys Knock On Wood "Woody" M (Vicor/Tasia)
  24. Ch. Paisleys Qinda Britt CD "Qinda" F (Punch/Kryptoo)
  25. Ch. Paisley Willowood Trademark "Wally" M (Jocko/Dorie)
  26. Ch. Paisley N Tucks Penny "Penny" F (Tatoo/Psyche)
  27. Am/Can Ch. Paisley N Tucks Eureka "Eloise" F (Teddy/Psyche)
  28. Ch. Paisley N Tucks Easy To Spot Am CDX/Can CD "Frank" M (Teddy/Psyche)
  29. Am/Can Amera's Cocoa Dot Flame "Cokey" M (Chum/Jade)
  30. Ch. Paisleys Hail To The Victors "Victor" M (Rob/Peaches)
  31. Am/Can Ch. Paisleys Fourunner Foray Am/Can CD "Lucy" F (Rob/Peaches)
  32. Am/Can Ch. Paisleys Red Rover Forever "Rover" M (Rob/Roxie)
  33. Am/Can Ch. Avalons Taylormade By Paisley "Taylor" M (Rob/Eloise)
  34. Ch. Paisleys Prima Donna "Karla" F (Rob/Eloise)
  35. Am/Can Ch. Paisleys Pointblank CD/CGC "Morris" M (Rob/Eloise)
  36. Ch. Paisley Paradigm "Salem" F (Rob/Eloise)
  37. Ch. Paisley N Matrix Festivity "Midge" F (Victor/Gypsy)
  38. Ch. Paisleys Primetime TD "Carson" M (Rover/Poppy)
  39. Ch. Coachmans Choice Of Paisley "Cappy" F (Rob/Eloise)
  40. Ch. Dakota Madurhason Andromeda "Sally Brown" F (Rob/Dorothy)
  41. Am/Can Ch. Paisleys Roll Me A Seven RD "Reno" M (Morris/Foxy)
  42. Ch. Paisleys Double Or Nothing "Edgrrr" M (Morris/Marla)
  43. Ch. Paisley Fiacre First Class "Brie" F (Morris/Paris)
  44. Ch. Paisley Parhelion "Sidney" M (Nick/Salem)
  45. Ch. Paisleys Wannabe A Rockstar "Carly" F (Seger/Eloise)
  46. Ch. Paisleys Piece of the Action UD "Carmen" F (Nick/Salem)
  47. Ch. Paisley Pyrotechnic "Dobie" M (Nick/Salem)
  48. Ch. Paisley Snowood Family Ties "Coral" F (Coke/Keke)
  49. Ch. Riverbend N Paisley Rockstar "Mikey" M (Seger/Eloise)
  50. Ch. Paisleys Masked Marauder Am/Can CD "Killian" M (James/Eloise)
  51. Am/Can Ch. Paisley Breaking Point "Breaker" M (Coke/Maddie)
  52. Ch. Paisley Perpetual Motion "Peter" M (Kramer/Coral)
  53. Ch. Paisley's Rockin'Robyn CDX/TD "Robyn" F (Coke/Maddie)
  54. Ch. Paisley's I Can't Drive Fifty-Five "Margie" F (Bullet/Coral)
  55. Ch. Hapi-Dal Paisleys Preference "Josie" F (Peter/Heidi)
  56. Ch. Paisley's A Better Brownie "Betty Crocker" F (Newt/Starr)
  57. Ch. Glen Oaks Paisley Peptalk "Autumn" F (Sawyer/)
  58. Ch. Paisleys Patch Mtn Look At Me "Olive" F (Sawyer/Gracie)
  59. Ch. Paisley Snowood Synergy "Leica" (Ed/Coral)
  60. GCh/Can/Int/UKC Ch. Paisley NspirD By Broadway "Argus" F (Marlin/Olivia)
  61. GCh/UKC Ch. Paisley Chocochip Brownie Delite "Pauli" F (Argus/Aruba)
  62. GCh/UKC Ch. Paisley Photo Finish "Penny" F (Argus/Nikon)
  63. Ch. Paisley Photo Op "Charlie" M (Argus/Nikon)