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Paisley bred or owned dogs . . .


    Cricket Ch. Blackpool Red Nora CDX (L) - first Dal 7/7/66


    Pooka Ch. Melody Up Up & Away CD (L) - foundation bitch 4/29/71
    Cary Ch. Paisleys A Touch of Class CD 6/28/73
    Chief Am/Br Ch. Paisleys Firechief of Siview 6/28/73
    Daisy Ch. Paisleys Touch the Wind 6/28/73
    Toby Ch. Paisleys Five Card Stud CDX/Can CD 4/4/74
    Panda Ch. Paisleys Pandora CD 4/4/74
    Bunny Ch. Paisley's Ebony Coachlight 7/14/75
    Henry Ch. Paisleys Oh Henry CD (L) 10/18/75
    Hershey Ch. Coachmans Paisley Candybar (L) 10/18/75
    Torch Am/Br/Int/NAC Paisley Torch of Kirkland (L) 8/1/76
    Butter Ch. Paisley Harmony Bouquet CD(L) 4/3/77
    Trivia Ch. Paisley Spirit O Hopi Kachina (L) 11/4/77
    Murphy Ch. Paisleys A Change of Pace CD 5/3/78
    Pirate Ch. Long Last Link To Paisley 5/3/78
    Tasia Ch. Paisleys Twilight Fantasia 7/27/79


    Vicor Am/Br Ch. Vicor of the Ebony Spots CD (L) 1/1/80
    Snickers Ch. Paisleys First Things First CD (L) 9/29/80
    Bambi Ch. Paisleys Moonlight Fantasia Am/Can CD (L) 2/14/82
    Burgie Ch. Paisleys Special Export 2/14/82
    Dorie Ch. Paisleys Isadorable (L) 2/14/82
    Preppie Ch. Paisleys Perfectly Preppie CD 4/1/82
    Burdock Ch. Paisleys Natural Healer CD (L) 1/27/83
    Jocko Am/Can Ch. Paisley Peterbilt Am/Can CDX, TT 11/27/83
    Polly Ch. Paisley Polyester 11/27/83
    Psyche Am/Can Ch. Paisley N Tucks A. Hitchcock CD 5/22/84
    Molly Ch. Paisleys Hot Tamale 11/17/84
    Reo Ch. Paragons REO Speedwagon CD 5/15/85
    Wally Ch. Paisley Willowood Trademark (L) 3/28/86
    Jade Willowood Paisley Amera Am/Can CD (L) 3/28/86
    Penny Ch. Paisley N Tucks Penny (L) 12/13/86
    Roxie Ch. Paisleys Spoon River Snafu 5/28/87
    Peaches Paisleys Peachy Keen CD (L) 8/6/87
    Marilyn Paisleys Pride of Hollywood UD/Can CD 12/26/87
    Kashka U-CDX Paisleys Phantasy Phlite UDTX/NA/NAJ/OAJ 5/9/88
    Robert Am/Can Ch. Long Last Perfect For Paisley CD 5/14/88
    Eloise Am/Can Ch. Paisley N Tucks Eureka (L) 1/1/89
    Frank Ch. Paisley N Tucks Easy To Spot CDX/Can CD (L) 1/1/89
    Poppy Ch. Paisley Poppycock CDX/TDX/TDI 5/12/89
    Victor Ch. Paisleys Hail To The Victors (L) 5/12/89

    Dolly Ch. Snowood Paisley Cyncar Me Special 4/8/90
    Sally Forth Ch. Paisley Snowood Sally Forth 4/8/90
    Lucy Am/Can Ch. Paisleys Fourunner Foray Am/Can CD (L) 10/9/90
    Rover Am/Can Ch. Paisleys Red Rover Forever (L) 11/10/90
    Jagger Ch. Paisley Matrix Rolling Stone CDX/Can CD TDI 12/17/90
    Taylor Am/Can Ch. Avalon Taylormade By Paisley (L) 1/24/91
    Samson Am/Can Ch. Paisleys Pursuing Perfection 1/24/91
    Marla Am/Can Ch. Paisleys Cause Celebre CD/CGC 1/24/91
    Perdie Ch. Paisleys Princess Perdita 10/31/91
    Ruffles Ch. Paisleys Devine Lee Daisydot 11/13/91
    Carson Ch. Paisleys Prime Time TD (L) 4/7/92
    Morris Am/Can Ch. Paisleys Point Blank CD/CGC (L) 4/12/92
    Winston Ch. K-Max N Paisleys Northern Exposure 4/12/92
    Salem Ch. Paisley Paradigm (L) 4/12/92
    Paxten Ch. Westens Paisley Pacesetter 2/26/93
    Ali Am/Can Ch. Norths Paisleys Ali Cat 3/2/93
    Kitty Ch. Daisydot Purrfect For Paisley 3/27/93
    Cappy Ch. Coachmans Choice of Paisleys (L) 5/31/93
    Flag Ch. Paisleys Perfect Timing UDX/NA/NAJ/OA 9/22/93
    Erin Am/Can Ch. Acorn Erin At Paisley 2/1/94
    Reno Am/Can Ch. Paisleys Roll Me A Seven RD/CGC/TDI (L) 5/2/94
    Newton Vintage N Paisleys Valor CD/NA/CGC/TDI (L) 5/2/94
    Sally Brown Ch. Dakota Madurhason Andromeda (L) 5/9/94
    Seger Am/Can Ch. Rockstar Paisley Night Moves 5/1/95
    Dottie Ch. Paisleys Dotted Swiss 5/1/95
    Guiness Paisleys Brown Stout One Am/Can CD (L) 6/29/95
    Edgrr Ch. Paisleys Double Or Nothing (L) 6/29/95
    Sidney Ch. Paisley Parhelion (L) 10/30/95
    Brie Ch. Paisley Fiacre First Class (L) 1/30/96
    Killian Ch. Paisleys Masked Marauder Am/Can CD (L) 6/7/96
    Journey Paisleys Back In Black CD/TDI 6/7/96
    Stella Stella By Starlight Am UDX/Can CDX 6/7/96
    Carmen Ch. Paisleys Piece of the Action UD (L) 7/10/96
    Gracie Ch. Paisleys Patch Mt Amazing Grace CD/NA/RD Am/Can CD 7/10/96
    Carly Ch. Paisleys Wannabe A Rockstar (L) 2/24/97
    Mikey Ch. Riverbend N Paisley Rockstar (L) 2/24/97
    Coral Ch. Paisley Snowood Family Ties (L) 4/12/98
    Robyn Ch. Paisleys Rockin' Robyn CDX/TD (L) 7/3/98
    Breaker Am/Can Ch. Paisley Breaking Point (L) 7/3/98
    Isabel Ch. Paisley Pick Me Please 9/23/98
    Wendel Ch. Paisley Politics As Usual 9/23/98
    Sarge Ch. M N M's Sargeant of the Guard CD/NA 9/23/98
    Fame Ch. Paisleys Return Engagement UD/AX/AXJ 9/23/98
    Watson Ch. Paisley Pragmatic 5/17/00
    Peter Ch. Paisleys Perpetual Motion (L) 5/17/00
    Cookie Paisleys Cookies N Cream 5/17/00
    Pierce Paisleys Hearts Afire CD/TD 9/11/00
    Quanah Paisleys Commanche Chief TD (L) 10/01/00
    Lucky Ch. Coachman's Lucky Catch
    Pepsi Paisley Pepito 11/05/01
    Margie Ch. Paisley's I Can't Drive Fifty Five (L) 1/27/02
    Rose Paisley Dancing Rose (L) 1/27/02
    Peyton Paisley's Power Play 1/27/02
    Sage Paisleys Imagine This (L) 1/27/02
    Viva Paisleys Sticker Shock 11/02/02

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